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Study Skills Workshops

It is said that mastering study skills is one key to exam success for students of all ages. The aim of our Study Skills Workshops is for students to develop a toolset of techniques including time management and memory recollection to utilise during revision before exams. This is achieved through discussion and hands on activities such as The Learning Style Tree.

Workshop Contents 

Our Study Skills workshops includes the following:

– Why developing study skills is vital to exam and assignment success.

– Common mistakes made whilst studying.

– Identifying various learning styles.

– Effective time management.

Costing Structure

Our cost structure has been proven to match most schools budgets with each workshop costing £100 for a maximum of 60 minutes and discounts available for multiple bookings. We do ask that travel and accommodation (if necessary) expenses are covered. We also offer a flat day rate of £500 for a maximum of 5 workshops (applies to most locations).

On a tight budget? We can provide all our workshops via Zoom.

Get In Touch

Interested in booking one of our workshops? For more information about how we can meet your requirements, email us at info@360education.co.uk or simply fill out the form below and we will reply shortly:

    “Many thanks indeed. You were absolutely outstanding! Several boys have already spoken to me to say how much they enjoyed it."
    Radley College
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