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Educational Workshops

All of our educational workshops at 360 Education are delivered by our director, Nath Fernandes who is a NCFE qualified Life Coach and are based upon our core values of boosting confidence and to promote understanding thus forming focal points to explore through creative activities. These two values combined enable us to enhance participants knowledge through our workshops whether it be boosting ones self-esteem or increasing understanding of disability allowing better communication to be created.

We offer the following workshops:

Anti-Bullying – What forms the foundation of bullying? We explore coping strategies in addition to conflict resolution.

Business Skills – What makes a successful business? We look at various aspects of a business idea such as finance and marketing.

Cyber-Bullying – Delving into the reasons why an individual may decide to bully in this way in addition to exploring strategies aimed at, not only how to employ coping measures, but ultimately how to resolve conflicts that have arisen as a direct result.

Mental Health – Childrens Mental Health has become centre stage in recent years, we share personal experiences to explore the underlying reasons in addition to discussing coping strategies.

Self-Esteem – We delve into various strategies based upon personal experience for participants to use in a variety of settings whether it be passing exams or social interaction.

Costing Structure

Our cost structure has been proven to match most schools budgets with each workshop costing £100 for a maximum of 60 minutes and discounts available for multiple bookings. We do ask that travel and accommodation (if necessary) expenses are covered. We also offer a flat day rate of £500 for a maximum of 5 workshops or a half day rate of £275 (travel fees may apply).

On a tight budget? We can provide all our workshops via Zoom.

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    “Many thanks indeed. You were absolutely outstanding! Several boys have already spoken to me to say how much they enjoyed it."
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